mental floss presents Instant Knowledge

mental floss presents Instant Knowledge by the editors of mental floss
Published by Collins

A pocket-sized reference guide to random trivia, this gem was created to let you annoy your friends in nerdier ways than you thought possible. Organized alphabetically, each of the 200-something facts is structured with keywords, fun anecdotes and a few social situations where the trivia might make a splash (cocktail parties, impressing mathematicians).
The best part about Instant Knowledge is how accessible the information becomes after reading it once. I found myself making references to how the inventor of Liquid Paper was the mother of one of the Monkees and that Ernest Hemingway crashed multiple airplanes in his time. As much as I enjoy it, I wish Instant Knowledge had an index so that when I want to confirm that lemmings don’t actually commit mass suicide I wouldn’t have to flip through trying to remember if it was listed under “lemming,” “suicide,” or “furry little creatures running for their lives.” You get the idea.

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