Read any good books lately?

Welcome to the 4 am book review. This blog is one person’s opinions on current or soon-to-be released books. As a disclaimer: this blog in no way reflects the opinions or practices of the reviewer’s employers, any book publisher, or really anyone at all other than said blogger.

Why 4 am? That’s what time I usually finish books, especially good ones that I couldn’t put down at a decent time. Most of the reviews probably won’t come out at that time, but you never know. If it’s a good enough (or horrible enough) book, I might just have to share immediately.

Who am I? I work part time at an independently owned bookstore in the Midwest. We get a good selection of galleys, so I get an advanced look at future bestsellers as well as a sweet discount for growing my own library. I don’t claim to be an expert book reviewer, just someone who wants to share an opinion.

Have a book you want reviewed? Send me an email at

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