Truck: a love story

Truck: a love story
By Micheal Perry
Published by Harper Perennial
July 2007

Ever had a project you wanted to accomplish but lacked the tools or ability? Want to read a love story that has none of that gushy stuff? Read Truck: a love story by Michael Perry and you’ll be more than satiated, not to mention laughing out loud every couple pages.

Perry is a journalist who has simple wants: to fix his truck, to not kill his garden and, though he may not have known it, to find a good woman. He is a man who takes pride in inventing the Unified Laundry System (just buy gray socks and wash everything together) and gets teary eyed at Funeral Blues by Auden (but then, who doesn’t).

“Feel-good, laugh-out-loud read” and “A lovable love story”

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