Walter Moers

As a follow up to City of Dreaming Books, I read Moers other books based on the fantasy continent of Zamonia: Rumo and The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear. Both excellent books but they don’t hold a candle to Dreaming Books. There is one customer at the store who I hooked on Moers who read them Bluebear first, then Rumo, and finally Dreaming Books and I think that might be the way to do it.
The 13 and 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear follows a blue bear named Bluebear (a couple waves named him, you’ll have to forgive the lack of originality) through half of his lives. It’s a great introduction to Zamonia because of the variety of creatures he meets and crazy places he travels. Bluebear is a likely hero and finds himself in life after life of dangerous situations. This book also offers an explanation of the scarcity of humans in Zamonia. If Dreaming Books is the dessert, Bluebear is the salad and appetizers.

Rumo & His Miraculous Adventures is Moers’s best story of love and adventure. Rumo is a Wolperting, a species of dog known for its fighting skills and loyalty. He has a talking sword with a split-personality, befriends a sharkgrub (who is surprisingly moral in this book) and all his young life follows a silver thread in the sky. This book is truly the meat and potatoes of Moers’s three Zamonia tales, right down to the violent, bloody fights and quests for true love. Rumo will be coming with me to Kentucky, just as soon as I can get it back from my friend who is hoarding it now.

When will Walter Moers have more Zamonia for his English readers? Can his other books possibly be as good as these??

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