Few new books but plenty of reading

The danger of working in a bookstore is that I bring home more books than I can possibly read. This was made obvious to me while attempting to pack all my books to get ready to move. Because of limited space I’m doing my best to pack only the essentials: classics, reference relevant to my field of study, a few favorite authors and cookbooks.
The rest of it — advanced readers copies, fiction, lots of anthropology non-fiction, dictionaries, books in Spanish and young adult fiction– I’m attempting to re-read before it gets left in boxes in a storage unit. This week the theme is “Books based on Pride and Prejudice:” The Second Mrs. Darcy, Darcy’s Story and Mr. Darcy’s Daughter. Usually I would pooh-pooh on books based on classic literature, but everyone has a weakness and mine is Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy.

If you have never read P&P and have no intention of attempting a 19th century novel, I would suggest Pride, Prejudice and Jasmin Field by Melissa Nathan. Though it is nothing compared to the original story, this is chick-lit and fan-lit at its best.

For a lighter side of history, Harper Collins Publishing has a great line of fiction based on classic novels or historical events. Darcy’s Story is one, P&P told from his point of view. There is also Thornfield Hall: Jane Eyre ‘s Hidden Story, The Family Fortune, based on Persuasion and a bunch of others. You can identify these books by a small green seal at the bottom right-hand corner of the cover:

It’s summer. Go read something light.

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