United we’re salad, divided just veggies

E Pluribus Unum, “One from Many,” was taken from a recipe for salad in the early poem titled “Moretum” by Virgil.

“Moretum literally means garden herbs. From Virgil’s minor poems, this is a tribute “to common things and plebian associations. The lines are laudatory of early habits and rustic poverty. They close with a description of the ingredients and mode of preparation of a salad composed of garlic, parsley, rue, and onions, seasoned with cheese, salt, coriander, and vinegar, and finally sprinkled with oil.” Bartleby.com

The Continental Congress apparently argued for a month about the motto for the recently declared country of the United Colonies of North America. This might be a surprising way to spend a month while your country is at war, but it’s the little things, people. During the formation of the European Union one of the most heated arguments was picking a passport color.

Mmm… Tasty Country
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