Gods Behaving Badly

Gods Behaving Badly: A Novel 
by Marie Phillips
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
December 2007

I’ve tried to make a point of only travelling with books that I haven’t already read and this week I was pleasently surprised by this habit. gods behaving badly is an amusing update of the Greek gods as they attempt to survive in a world that no longer believes in them. The story is told mostly around the twins Apollo and Artimis and is set in modern-day London where the family of gods has lived since the time of the plauge. Their story also tangles with two mortals, Neil and Alice, who must be heroic in spite of themselves. 

This book will be fun for anyone who’s a fan of Greek mythology, but those who aren’t familiar shouldn’t shy away as there is plenty of back story to catch you up.  Readers in search of another Odyssey will probably be disappointed, but those who are looking for a cute story should pick it up.

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