Brazil is in Poor Company

What is one of the top ten economies (by GDP) doing at the bottom of a list with the Central African Republic, South Africa and Swaziland? Turns out that Brazil, though considered by many to be an extremely important rising economy has an income distribution similar to countries better known for counting on foreign aid as more than 80% of their government expenditures or or are completely surrounded by another country. The global statistic website Nation Master verbs that the richest 10% of people in Brazil hold 48% of the country’s income. For comparison, the global average is 31.4% with Sweden towards the best at 20.1%.

Brazil also struggles with corruption, according to Transparency International they are “roughly comparable to Burkina Faso, Saudi Arabia and Panama.” With elections looming in 2010, it’s important to consider the potential for change in governance and economic policy. Will global attention during the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Olympic games give Brazil the incentive it needs to promote its tiny middle class or government transparency?

See also: Brazil in 2006

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