June is Hangover Remedy Month!

During the month of June I will research all of the hangover remedies I can in celebration of the first annual Hangover Remedy Month. I’ll start with the more common cures and get more fun from there, maybe even creating a few of my own by the end of the month.

Why am I doing this? There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of untraditional holidays out there, I figured it was about time that I created one. Why June? I figure this is a good time because we are five whole months away from National Hangover Day (January 1). Also, I hope to come across the perfect cure in time for my birthday, which is also in June.
Today’s cure is a cop-out; it isn’t really a hangover remedy at all:
Don’t get drunk in the first place.
It will be more fun tomorrow. In the meantime: Frogs don’t drink.
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