Pickle Juice: drink it if you dare

When I was (much, much) younger, I was known to occasionally imbibe a bit more alcohol than recommended the night before I had a shift at a coffee shop. While lying on the dirty floor mats during my breaks, I would vacillate between cursing my lack of moderation and pathetically pining for pickle juice. Fortunately I was well-loved by my coworkers who would occasionally call the next person coming in to pick up some pickles on their way.  After a while, we took to keeping a jar of pickles in the extra-milk fridge at all times (though safely separate from any customer-destined products) and everyone who worked with me swore that pickle nectar was the best hangover cure.

I know the last thing that you want to hear when you’re hungover is a suggestion you try drinking something you wouldn’t even consider when you’re drunk, but hear me out. Pickle juice, or brine, is full of the healthy salts that encourage re-hydration. If you like pickles at all, it isn’t that big of a leap to try the brine. Though temperature won’t matter for effectiveness (I don’t think), I prefer the brine to be chilled.

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