Crumpler bags: I like ’em, I love ’em, I want some more of ’em

I carry all my cool gadgets (and all my boring stuff, too) in Crumpler bags. Though I first discovered this company in 2002, Crumpler has been around since 1995 when it began making messenger bags in Australia. These bags are nearly indestructible, can pack more than meets the eye, and look awesome. I almost wish mine would fall apart so I would have a good reason to buy another.

Right now I’m coveting the Limited Edition Hoax ($120), big enough to carry two six-packs of beer. I love that it comes with the Quick Flick™ heavy-duty strap. This bag could make me quit my day job and look into a career as a bike messenger.

Crumpler Site: With full flash
Crumpler Lite (no flash)
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