Havaianas: not your average sandal.

Go Oranje?
Viva España?

So I was in Brazil for about six weeks one summer. It rains a lot in Brazil, especially during their winter. I volunteered at a Ronald McDonald house on the outskirts of town, which was a 30 minute bus ride and then about a mile walk. When it rained, my Tevas would get smelly, so my host mother suggested I pick up a pair of Havaianas because they don’t absorb the water. I already owned a pair back in the states, but after a few extremely rainy days, I grabbed another pair on my way to volunteer and really haven’t taken them off since. I even wore them for a 10-mile hike through the Amazon (not really recommended, but quite handy for jumping into waterfalls).

I love having the Brazilian flag on my sandals to remind me of this trip. This year, however, Havaianas came out with flagged flip flops for 17 different countries with teams in the World Cup ($24)! It might be a little late to support your team (Go USA in 2014!), but these sandals are stylish and comfortable and shipping is free if you order three or more pairs!

Havianas website

Some tough flip flops!
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