Wall art: Tea Pot Love

I just moved into a new place with my best friend and our walls are naked (!). We’ve vowed not to let our walls be covered with the typical college-aged posters. Solution: beautiful art prints from places like Zara Illustrates (via Esty). These clean, colorful prints ($20) are enough to brighten any room. My roommate and I have combined our tea pot collection (there are around 7 or 8 currently) and the perfect complement to our kitchen would be one of these Zara Picken illustrations.

Also sweet: the musical Journey print. For sure on the wish list to go with the rest of my vinyl  collection.

Oh hey! Updating the post from yesterday: I found We Were Promised Jetpacks vinyl for sale in the US! Punk For Peace sells all kinds of great music with part of each sale going to some great charities. If you live in Rochester, NY, you also get to save shipping costs. Pay in person or by check, save an addition 5%!

We Were Promised Jetpacks LP ($18)

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