Wish list with a purpose: Ample Harvest

Do you garden? Do you end up with way too many zucchinis and beans at the end of your harvest? Well instead of foisting them upon your unsuspecting neighbors and co-workers, you might consider donating your excess produce to an Ample Harvest food pantry. We all know that fresh, locally grown food is great, why not share the extras with your neighbors in need?

Ample Harvest’s goal is to provide access to healthier produce at food pantries that might otherwise go directly to waste or compost.  “Most food pantries can provide only canned vegetables and fruit to their clients.” They also work to put local food pantries on the map, searchable by Google and in the phone books, which makes sense as most pantries IT departments are probably pretty darn small.

How you can help:

  • Save the extra produce from your garden.
  • Find a pantry near you. 
  • You can donate fresh produce even if you don’t grow it! Pick up a few extra servings of fruits and veggies and drop them off.
  • Download (.pdf), print and hang a flier encouraging gardeners to share their harvest.
  • Donate to Ample Harvest.
  • Educate yourself and others on Hunger in America.
Ample Harvest on Twitter
Ample Harvest iPhone app (Yeah, there’s an app for that..)
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