Found book review: King of the Screwups

I found this review on Twitter today. Though I follow her for her whit, I don’t know who this ahillatwork person is, or even anything about the book she reviewed, but she seems to be in need of a blog to post on, so I thought I’d let her see what it would look like.

King of the Screw Ups: a Novel
by K.L.Going
Published by Harcourt
April 6, 2009

About 15 hours ago via the web

ahillatwork: So I’m gonna talk about books- specifically King of the Screwups for a second (I need to get a blog, man, this 140 is killing me).

Awesome: really nice, relatable main character- I have a thing for people who just want to do the right thing but can’t seem quite to do it.

Awesome: Aunt Pete! Who loves music and doesn’t make apologies or excuses for the way he lives. Also, Aunt Pete’s friends were great.

Fairly awesome: The main character’s relationship with his dad- the dad was almost TOO much of a bastard, but it worked most of the time…

Cont- mostly because of the way Liam’s need for his father’s approval was shown. Related: loved Liam as the unreliable narrator.

Less awesome: the mother’s decision to step away from fashion was interesting & I liked the way it played out- but would have liked more

Also, would have liked more from the awesome outcast next-door-neighbor girl. I do appreciate, though…..

Cont. that the author did not make her the object of a big romance- more a source of approval & example (for Liam) of how to be smart.

What I really loved: King of the Screwups put me through an emotional wringer: I laughed! I cried! I connected with the characters!

In conclusion: I ❤ unreliable narrators, YA is an excellent source for EMOTION, and I think & tweet too much about this.

Okay done now- going to crawl back under my desk and attempt to do expenses. Ugh. #no #dontwantto#needmorebooks #ugh

ahillatwork’s day really took a turn for the worse after this posting, so hopefully this will either cheer her up, or at the very least, not upset her too badly. I’ve finally unpacked my books from my recent move and have some great new stuff to review, so hopefully you’ll see me soon. 

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