An Open Letter to Apple

Dear Apple,

Hi. My name is Patricia and I am deeply in debt. I attended a pretty sweet university for undergrad and then picked up my Masters with the hope that soon I will get a job that will enable me to purchase all of a few of the Apple products that I want. Until then, could you please stop releasing awesome stuff like the Macbook Air ($1499), or, you know, the iPad ($499), or what is new this week and looks really amazing, the Magic Trackpad ($69). Honestly? A trackpad, perfect for scrolling that you can use up to 33 feet away from your computer? Pair this with a Mac mini and a flat screen TV and you have the perfect recipe for movies, presentations, editing film, Photoshop-ing… really the possibilities are way up there.

To come back to my point: stop that. Stop making neat technology that I can’t currently afford. Keep making the iPhone 4 and reusable battery chargers ($29). Continue to update iTunes and iChat and all the other iApplications. You can even release another cat-themed operating system (might I suggest Ocelot). But stop with the mouth-watering-ly cool stuff. I just can’t take it anymore.


Patricia Murphy

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