Wish list with a purpose: Do you like dawgs?

Murphy and Cooper!

Something that has always been on my wish list is a puppy. I spent a few hours of my Saturday night driving five puppies from one parking lot to another. These little guys are heartbreakingly adorable and thanks to volunteers across seven states they and their mother Lacey are on their way to new homes. In related news, I no longer want a puppy. But I do enjoy helping transport dogs through the various Humane Societies and could use a few items (as can your local Humane Societies).

I got involved with the dog transportation through No Kill Louisville. My cat would kill me in my sleep if I fostered homeless dogs, so instead I’m on their transport email list, which comes out weekly. This led me to the Kentucky CENTRAL (Communicate Educate Neuter/Spay Transport Rescue/Foster Advocate Lobby/Legislate), who posted the transport that let me hang out with Abby, Potter, Murphy, Cooper, and Max for an hour between Versailles and Williamstown, KY.

Abby and Max

This was my first time transporting dogs and had to borrow a medium sized crate. If I’m going to do this again, I need to get my own crate that folds down flat, can hold at least a 40-pound dog, all while fitting into the back of my Alero. Also on my wish list are a couple clip leashes, pee pads and a waterproof sheet.

However, it isn’t my wish list that matters. Humane Societies everywhere rescue dogs, cats and other cute’n’fuzzies on shoe-string budgets. You can help by contacting your local shelters and seeing what they need. If you’re lucky, they might even have a wish list posted online, like the Lexington Humane Society does.

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