Hats: I wish I could wear them better

Caps in all flavors! 

I like biking though I confess that I’m more of a commuting biker than a road or adventure biker. There are a few things that are important to own when biking: a bike (ner), proper lights (especially at night), a helmet (this is debatable, but I think they are essential), clothing (naked biking is rarely permitted), and a strong bike lock. What I don’t need is a hat. But what I want is a cycling cap. Specifically a Walz Cycling Cap ($15-23).

Unfortunately, I look funny in hats. It might be because I have too much hair. Maybe it’s because the hats I’ve been wearing are made of the wrong stuff. Maybe it’s because hats just look better on guys sometimes, which I think is the case with these hats. I found them through the Yehuda Moon web comic and really want to buy hats for all my guys friends who bike (and maybe one for myself). The next time I’m on a team, this will be the first place I go for team apparel. They customize at a crazy low price and use high quality materials. I just hope that my indoor co-rec flag-football team will want to wear bike caps on the field.

Walz Cycling Caps website
Walz Caps on Twitter

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