Mondays are for Music! Eef Barzelay has a funny name.

So the lovely thing about Daytrotter is that it introduces me to all kinds of new bands, or reminds me of bands that I’ve been meaning to try. I found Eef Barzelay through twitter when someone posted his ukulele cover of Journey at the AV Club in Chicago. He’s the lead singer of Clem Snide, which never has the same band members with the exception of Barzelay.

The reason I like this guy is both because Ben Folds could allegedly listen to him all day and he reminds me of my friend who traveled India once with a guitar case that had a ukulele in it wrapped in his clothing. My friend is incredibly musically talented and someday I know you’ll all know of him. Until then, he is the best bassist in Indonesia and one of my best friends.

Second Daytrotter Session
First Daytrotter Session

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