Vornado: a personal wind machine

It is 86° Fahrenheit right now in the office where I work. The A/C unit apparently will only work if the outside temperature is below 90° F.  I thank my stars that I wore a sundress today, and that my employers provide cold filtered water.  Even so, I am still quite warm (and perhaps even a bit shiny) (because everyone knows that girls, even grown-up tomboys, don’t sweat). This is why instead of a blender, today I am adding a Vornado Flippi V10 Fan ($50) to my wish list.

While any fan would probably help my current situation, Vornado fans are superior for two reasons: power and quietude. I was recently blow away by the breeze created by their Flippi V6  ($20) when I visited my brother a few weeks ago (pun intended). He was working an outdoor festival on a sunny, breeze-less afternoon, but his little fan quietly generated enough wind to keep both of us comfortable.

Here’s hoping that I can find some kind of fan tonight.  The A/C should be fixed by next week or else I’m going to politely request that I work the rest of August from home.

Vornado website

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