Coffee: it can do more than just wake you up

I worked in a coffee shop for three years and during that time I grew to appreciate coffee in all it’s forms: hot, cold, black, frapped, three shots, watered-down and even decaffeinated (Swiss water process only!). So it should come as no surprise that I’d be willing to try Fitness Coffee: coffee developed specifically to encourage weight loss.  According to its website, this blend of coffee has many advantages:

  • A healthy way to start the day
  • The most functional all natural fitness beverage on the market
  • Naturally rich in antioxidants with over 3.5x the antioxidants of green tea and significantly more than red wine
  • Known to help consumers lose significant weight by naturally enhancing metabolism
  • Gourmet Italian blend for a rich and full taste
  • 100% all natural product with gourmet coffee and 16 of natures finest supplements
  • Does not contain any artificial additives, sugars, flavors, GMO or MSG
With claims like these, I’d like to try some while training for my next 5k. I’m not necessarily looking to lose weight, but a coffee targeted at athletes seems like a great idea. Plus, it’s from Italy, and we all know that food products coming out of Italy are usually tasty. I just hope that my standard teaspoon of sugar won’t negate any of the positive aspects of this drink. 
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