So Many Bikes, So Little Time

There aren’t many bikes that I don’t want, but every now and then a bike comes along that just sticks in the back of my head longer than others. I don’t claim to be a cyclist by any means, but I commute pretty often on my Schwinn Frontier hybrid that my parents gave me on my thirteenth birthday. I love my green monster, but it’s a bit heavy and is surprisingly rough on hills. This year I bought a Schwinn kickback with a pedal break that takes hills better than it does. It weighs a ton though, which doesn’t work when you live or work anywhere with stairs.

Which is one of the reasons I really like the Allant from Trek ($550). It’s an cruiser and aluminum: lightweight but steady. It can handle potholes and the “bike lanes” that are really just areas of the roads that get no attention from street cleaners or urban planners. Though I wouldn’t mind a guy’s bike, I also like that Trek makes bikes designed for women. Plus the Allant comes with a front rack standard. Check it out. In the meantime, I drool on one at my local shop every time I go in to get my bikes fixed.

Trek Bikes website (US)
Allant page

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