Posters that are Books that are Posters

Moby Dick

Do you like to read? Are your walls empty? Or worse, do you have really ugly posters up that have been moving with you since freshman year of college (it was probably a bad idea to leave the duct tape on them when you rolled them up)?  If so, then you are like me, and probably need one of these Postertext posters ($24-60 CAD).  Each poster displays an entire classic book with a silhouette of a scene from the story. They are a couple feel wide by a couple feet tall, depending on which text you display. I’m having trouble choosing between Moby Dick or Sherlock Holmes (both $32), or just waiting to see what book they will do next. Regardless, it’s probably time to retire the ripped up print of Van Gogh’s Siesta.

Check out their website.  And they have a witty blog that will keep you updated on what books are coming. Or  you can follow them on Twitter.

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1 Response to Posters that are Books that are Posters

  1. Fork says:

    Those are brilliant.

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