Don’t be like this guy

I guess one of the reasons I’m writing this blog is in response to this guy. GuitarEarl is all for finding his own English Premier team, which is great.  It just seems he is going about it all wrong. He’s trying to be logical about selecting a new team. I too tried to become a fan through research. I spent a week creating and perfecting a sweet chart that first identified different qualities of the teams and then gave those qualities arbitrary points and ranked them. I wasn’t magically a fan of Everton after my chart told me they were a good fit.

What I am, however, is better informed about the Premier League than I had been. I can now carry on a conversation with people who are fans, which in the end is worth more than having one team to call “mine.” I don’t have any sweet swag to wear on Saturday mornings, but I can follow the game because I’m familiar with the players, I can decipher the chants out of the crowd, and I can occasionally even impart knowledge that comes from reading Wikipedia for hours on end.

So GUITAREARL of, it isn’t that I think you are doing is bad. Over the next 30+ games I’m sure you will realize that some of your prejudices were unfounded and some of your research unnecessary, but your efforts won’t make you enjoy the league any less. It’s okay not to have a team, because we can still have fun, and watch the league for the love of the sport.

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