Good year for football

This is a good year to watch more soccer. If you cheered for the teams I like, you’d be forced to agree:

The Detroit Tigers finished their season on Sunday with a .500 record (81-81), though they tried their best to make 2010 another losing season. After they traded Curtis Granderson to the dreaded Yankees, I knew we couldn’t expect much this season, but fighting to stay at the middle of the AL Central was just depressing.

We miss you. 

(American) Football
The Detroit Lions don’t look to do much better than their baseball brothers. So far they have surprised everyone with one win and were denied another win (against the lousy looking Bears, no less).

The Fighting Irish of the University of Notre Dame du lac have a new coach with an inexperienced quarterback. Sure they beat BC, but it was an ugly win. I won’t rest easy until we beat Navy (41 times) again.

Out of season: 
I really don’t like the NBA, so my basketball season doesn’t really begin until the University of Kentucky Wildcats play Notre Dame on December 8. Though I’ll be cheering for the Irish, one can’t help supporting Kentucky after living in Lexington for a few years.

I’m pretty excited about this year’s Detroit Red Wings team. Preseason play is just getting started. Sadly, it’s nearly impossible to watch many hockey games unless you live in your team’s town, and I’m not moving to Detroit any time soon.

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