The Beginning.

I did not turn in an essay on the State of Michigan. Everyone was required to write a five-paragraph report about a different state in the Union and I chose Michigan because my family vacationed there every summer. Each student also presented on their chosen state, but when it came time for me to present, for the first time in my life I had nothing to show for myself. This had to be confusing for my teacher because I was an straight-A student who always did her work. Caught in her stern look, I couldn’t even lie and say I’d left it at home. She sent me to the principal’s office where I called and left a message about my lack of essay and was told to turn it in within the next week.

I never did.

I was ten years old.

I am now twenty-six and still haven’t forgiven myself.

It’s time to write some essays.

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1 Response to The Beginning.

  1. I can't wait. They will be on here, right? Who gets to grade them?

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