Fan chants

One of the awesome things that a fan base can do is have team chants.  These can be found in many forms: team songs (Blue Moon for Manchester City), a key players names (ASH-ley, ASH-ley, ASH-ley for Ashley Cole), etc.  One area that football truly excels at is the jeer.

Understand that this isn’t my first taste of jeering. Some students at Notre Dame were basically professional jeer-ers and managed to catch a bit of flack for it from our opponents. Admittedly, giving out the starting forward’s cell phone number to 1,000 students is kind of a dick move, and yes it is pretty horrible to print out a couple thousand copies of a yearbook photo of the opposing point guard’s little sister, but all is fair in love and basketball. Even Dick Vitale approved.

Notre Dame basketball fans, however, have nothing on soccer fans. Instead of simply heckling the other team, there are whole songs that revel in the failure of one’s opposition. In celebration, they aren’t limited to a few songs or expressions, and they do a fine job in making fun of themselves. Plus during international play, us Yanks can’t help but point out a few historical highlights.

Website: Fan Chants

Blue Moon:

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