More Maps!

Typographic map of Chicago ($30)

I guess I really enjoy maps, because not only have I been recommending them recently, but I just stumbled upon Axis Maps LLC and I want it all!  These guys are proof that the art of Cartography can be applicable to modern uses. They map everything from mountains to ocean races in vibrant color. They make maps to hang on your wall, or as a wall, as well as a bunch of interactive ones.

If I could, I would commission these guys to do an interactive map of The World Tri, an adventure expedition taking place right now. Charlie Wittmack has already swam down the Thames River and across the English Channel and is currently biking across Kazakhstan to India. After that he’ll run to the base of Mount Everest and climb to the top. There were two infographics created already for this journey, but the World Tri seems like just the kind of project that Axis Maps was made for.

Click to view!

Axis award winning maps
The World Tri Blog

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