Big Sports Weekend

I love weekends in October: college football, NFL football, playoff baseball, hockey, soccer and, if you are in Lexington, Kentucky, Keeneland fall races. With so going on, it can be hard to keep track of how my teams are doing.

Last weekend was great: I was at a wedding on Saturday, but the bride and groom scheduled a break between the ceremony and reception so we could watch the Notre Dame v. Western Michigan game. Plus,
my friends at home kept me updated throughout the day with various scores and highlights. The best moment was finding out via text that Kentucky was winning over South Carolina while seated next to a current SC grad student at dinner. Sure, we were both Irish at heart, but a little friendly competition never hurts anyone.

Fantasy Squad 

This weekend is much bigger than last weekend: Notre Dame plays Navy, the Giants and Rangers are making decent underdog runs at the World Series,  I’m attending the UK v. Georgia game, my fantasy team is probably unstoppable, and Man City is playing Arsenal.

That last game is especially important because though I meant to wait a season before throwing my support behind a team, I find myself cheering for the Citizens every weekend. Now they are playing three of my friends’ favorite team. As a wise man once said, “This shit just got real.”

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