Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

1. Cut the top off the pumpkin. Begin separating the seeds from the goo at this point and it will save you from going back through pounds of pumpkin guts (while your roommate is throwing pumpkin shavings at you for singing Christmas music) looking for the precious seeds.
2. Empty the guts into a big pot or something. I suggest using a metal spoon and your hands.
3. Carve your pumpkin.
4. Light your pumpkin, have a beer and enjoy.

Recipe:  Wash the pumpkin seeds in a colander. Heat oven to 400°F. Boil 3-ish cups of water with about 2 tbsp. salt. Add pumpkin seeds and simmer for 10 minutes. Drain seeds in colander and toss with soy sauce and garlic salt. Spread olive oil onto baking sheet and spread seeds in a single layer on top. Dust seeds with any of the following: wasabi powder, paprika, Himalayan sea salt, cinnamon, or more garlic salt. (I wouldn’t recommend using all of these spices on the same seeds, but more power to you.) Bake seeds on the top rack for 10-20 minutes, or after about 12 minutes go turn the oven off and go to bed and hope for the best.

I feel like I should put a disclaimer here: I’m not responsible for untasty pumpkin seeds. Only use the oven under adult supervision. Oh, and knives, too. And wasabi powder, that stuff is nuts. Based on experience, wash your hands before rubbing your eyes after using it.

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