Detroit Lions, not really getting it done

Henry Payne - November 15, 2010

If I had to choose one team from the National Football League to cheer for, it would be the Lions of Detroit. It is rather fortunate, then, that I don’t care too much for the NFL, but I do occasionally watch former Notre Dame players that have moved up (some of them play more than others). I wonder, however, if I had been born in Indianapolis or some place with a history of professional football success, if things wouldn’t be different.

My sister married into a Colts family, and since then her Sundays seem so much more exciting. They have people over to watch the games and can buy jerseys and hats and t-shirts with horseshoes on them. She has a reason to watch the Super Bowl (other than for the ads).
It’s not too late for me. I just wish that the Lions would get their act together so that maybe I can be the one converting my future in-laws to a team, and not the other way around.

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