Prayers for Lance

This holiday weekend, my friend Lance O’Cull was hit head-on while driving home from seeing his family.  He is currently in serious condition at the University of Kentucky hospital.

This is Lance:

Even Lance has no idea what he was doing in this picture.

He’s a bit of a joker. He goes on adventures, but he talks about them as if anyone could go hiking around foreign countries and sleep on the roof of an abandon building. He’s one of the most entertaining people you’ll talk to, if you can manage to keep up. He can’t lie to save his life. He was really inspired by the Italian graffiti “It’s better to live one day as a lion, than a thousand years as a lamb.”

Lance is one of the people I grew pretty close with after graduating from our Masters program. He was my knight in shining armor one night when a snake got into my apartment, even though his fear of snakes was only marginally less than my own. He went through a period of serious introspection this fall and finally seems to have a plan for what he wants to do next. Or rather, what he can do, because what he wants to do is everything. His biggest struggle seems to always be that he wasn’t doing enough, or that which he could do wouldn’t make a big enough difference. 

This is one of those situations of horrible things happening to really good people. His whole family is incredibly sweet; they are extremely close too. At this point, I doubt that they have 5 hours of sleep among ten of them. There isn’t much that anyone can do, physically do, for him or them other than pray, bring coffee and wait.

So we wait. And drink coffee. And pray.

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