I’ve never wanted a Kindle so badly as now…

Over 750,000 Books. Bestsellers from $9.99Discovering that Etiquette by Emily Post is free on Kindle has really changed how I view the device. I’ve known for years that books in the public domain are free and instantly downloadable, but it really didn’t click until I was reading Mrs. Post’s book on Google books and ran out of free page views.
I thought at one point that an iPad would be the thing for me, but really as long as I have a computer, an iPad is just an extra thing that does less, but with more fingerprint smudges. The Kindle would be lighter and uses e-ink technology that saves your eyes from burning. It works in sunlight! It runs for weeks on one battery charge!

This is a winning product that I have been resisting for years, but now I’m thinking the hype might be worth  it. Plus, it’s never been more affordable. 

Source: Amazon.com: Etiquette eBook: Emily Post: Kindle Store

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