Rhymed thoughts.

Another note to Lance:

Gaah! I don’t know exactly how I did it,
but the page just refreshed, and my previous work bit it.

It was good, really eloquent, almost the next Shakespeare,
It’s hard to just watch such Art disappear.
But now that it’s gone, I’ll do my damnedest
to restructure the letter, though you won’t be as impressed.

Dear Lance, who I hear frequently sits in a chair,
here’s to hoping that you’ve regrown most of your hair.

You’re surrounded by Cats fans, but tell at least
are they letting you watch our boys from the Big East?
The conference could send as many as eleven
teams to the tourney, the next highest is seven….
ok I mean six, but did you see what I did there?
Poetic license, I think it adds flair.
But back to the point, the B-east can’t be stopped
unless someone’s late run cause Marquette to get dropped.
Or maybe St. John’s, West Virginia or Cincinnati,
but if our two teams don’t make it, the whole world’s gone batty.

So yesterday I meant to send to my favorite Shepherd resident
was the terrific speech made on Wednesday by our President.
I’d just send the text so you can be read every clause
without needing to wait through all the applause.
Obama did great, I mean he really nailed it.
If it had been Everest, then by Jove, he scaled it.
His message was firm, yet gentle and wise,
his writers know how to bring tears to the eyes.

Meanwhile, we now have two continents flooding
while in Tunisia, democracy is budding?

Anyway, I swear, the first draft was better,
but for now, please accept this letter.
Have a good night, remember I miss ya,
I’ll talk to you soon,
your silly friend Tricia.

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