State of the Union recap for Lance

To Mr. Lance, who plays the saxaphone
I hope you greet this letter with a smile and a groan.

I realize I didn’t tell you when writing yesterday
about what president Obama had to say.
I watched the State of the Union, though against convention
We found out a way to make sure we were paying attention.
Jeremy Fugleberg and I made it a drinking game

Jeremy’s SOTU Supplies

(though to be honest his efforts put me to shame).
We each had to take one shot of booze or beer
for every mention of all the words listed here:
hope, change, progress, rhetoric, troops, Iran,
civility, Iraq, debt, China, Afghanistan,
renmimbi, special interests, reform, education,
deficit, austerity, stimulus, regulation,
unemployment, Wall Street, investment, budget freeze,
filibuster, Main Street, and long-term policies.

As you can probably tell, the next morning was pretty rough
because Obama felt he couldn’t say the word “jobs” enough.
Torri watch with me laughing, pointing out times I missed
a shot due to another word (or three) said from the list.
When he finally finished speaking about our failing schools
I said, “enough’s enough! This game is over, fools!”
So, that in a nutshell, is how the State of the Union went.
I hope you weren’t waiting for a summary of content.

I had a busy day, full of boring legal stuff,
Nothing like your PT, which has got to be tough.
I’ll say it again and I hope that you heed me,
I will be here for as long as you need me.


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