More Trash Talk for Lance

Also talkin’ trash: Carleton Scott

Dearest of Lances, my stalwart friend,
I’m taking my chances pursuing this end:

Louisville is about to take on number seven Notre Dame
and the Cards can expect a discouraging game.
They won’t get a win, just the Victory March ringing
for hours in their ears from the Irish home crowd singing.
Just look at our team – how are they gonna fight us?
We have Atkins, Nash and Tim Abromaitis. [ab-row-‘Might-us]
And have you watched the sophomore Jack Cooley?
He plays like Gody [go-dee], and is just as unruly.
And don’t get me started on Mr. Ben Hansbrough,
He’ll outrun your team and sink every free throw.
To round out the Irish there is Carleton Scott,
Who you’re sure to notice as he blocks your shot.
To top it off, no other team controls the clock
like the University of Notre Dame du lac.

Though it hurts me to see you take a beating,
It helps to know that the pain will be fleeting.
(With apologies to your family, I’m not often this brash,
It’s just nice to have a reason to talk a little trash.)
Feel free to speak up, it’s alright if you stumble,
but, as they say in wrestling, get ready to rumble!

If you want to watch it, it’s on ESPN-U,
but as not everyone gets that, it’s live online, too.
I’m really excited, we have such competitive teams;
I’m quietly entertaining Big East Champion dreams.
(Though as I say that, I’m knocking on wood,
Getting my hopes up won’t do any good.)
What’s that, Six-Lane? Enough of this sport?
Okay, but on Thursday expect a report.

As always, keep your chin up. You look bad with a pout.
From the chilly Bluegrass, this is Trish and I’m out.

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