Talkin’ Trash to Lance

Another day, another rejection letter.
You’d think I’d be sad, but I’ve never felt better.
I’m listening to “Beautiful Day” by those Irish U2
and I can’t help thinking of all we’ve been through.
Right here in Lexington, I’m beginning to thrive,
and you, despite the odds, are coming alive.
(I’m humming a little, it’s a catchy tune.)
I think it’s good that you’re coming home soon.

It’s hard to describe what’s going on in the world,
All seemed right in Tunisia, a new flag unfurled;
In Egypt, the process isn’t nearly so neat.
Some think the revolution is just an Iranian repeat.
I’m not too worried about the potential power vacuum,
Even with the Brotherhood, democracy’s in the room.
Sadly the Egyptian economy will be negatively affected,
But with foreign assistance, it hopefully won’t be neglected.

South Sudan successfully voted to secede!
From Omar Al-Bashir they’re finally freed!
It’s not everyday we get a new nation;
July will mark the official state formation.
The vote was peaceful, favored by 98%,
Even Bashir himself had to consent.
The whole ordeal is incredibly sweet.
I’ve attached a picture of dancing in the street.

Last night was the Super Bowl, the Packers won.
As a Lions fan, it didn’t matter in the long run.
I had a beer, then spilled the second in my lap,
which I’ve done in five different cities (I keep a map).
Also this weekend, I threw Torri a shindig.
Her birthday is Thursday. She had fun, go fig…

Oh goodness, oh no, now I feel all abash.
This whole time I should’ve been talking trash.
Our basketball teams play this week
and Notre Dame is lookin’ sleek.
I hope it won’t be a big issue
if your first words are to ask for tissue
because after this game you’ll be crying
and your Big East hopes will be dying.

Love ya.

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