For Lance’s Birthday

Lance turns 25 years old on Thursday (3/10), which normally we would’ve celebrated by going to the Beer Trappe or a movie marathon (or an actual marathon, ew), but this year is a little different. Lance is back home in Vanceburg and doing great, but he could still use everyone’s support. Here are a few things that you can do to let Lance know that you are still thinking about him:

1. Make a YouTube video. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or high quality, but let Lance see and hear you. Tell him a joke, sign him a song, introduce him to your cat/dog/grandma/spouse. With our crazy cool computers, this takes five minute to shoot and another one or two to upload. Heck, go to an Apple store and use their stuff. Then once the video is on YouTube, send the link to (and me!).

“All I want for my birthday is this guy’s hat.”

2. Send Lance a birthday card by snail mail. He is reading a little, so include a message (written fairly large, like size 20 font) that he can read. His address is:

PO Box 609
Vanceburg, KY 41179

3. Send Lance a present. Photos of yourself (and especially with him) are good. Send a CD of music or podcasts. Maybe he could use some sweatbands for all that biking and PT he’s going to be doing.

4. Send an email. His family reads him whatever you send, so go ahead and let him know that you’re out there, thinking about him. Try to make him laugh or get a rise out of him. Challenge him to get better. Send an essay or short story to keep him amused. Send those to

5. Keep thinking about him, include him in your prayers (if you do that sort of thing), donate blood, sign up for a 5k you’ve been considering, and keep on keeping on.


P.S. The O’Culls are making shirts which will be grey with red letters. If you guys want to order through me you can, otherwise let Chelcee know ( and she can leave yours with me in Lexington or we’ll figure out how to mail it to where you are. I guessing they will be $10 plus any shipping. I was thinking of wearing this at a few road races this spring/summer.

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