Fantasy football: where new fans are born

Do you like the idea of professional soccer in the US but just can’t seem to commit to it?

Here is your chance: create a fantasy team on ESPN for the quickly approaching 2011 season. It’s a great excuse to follow the sport, or at least learn a bit about the exciting players. Entries are due by March 15th (only 5 days!) and the top two finishers in the league will get prizes from me (likely a six pack of beer of the winners’ choosing, but could also be something sweet like a gift card or a hammock).  It’s free to play, I’m throwing in prizes so I have some people to compete with.

To enter:
1. Create or log in to your account
2. Create a team at the FC Manager game page. Have fun with the team name.
3. Join our group: Football and Ail    Password: baseball  (You can join other leagues too. For example I’m in the group “IDK Any MLS Players”)
4. Update your team every week or so to try to win.

Hopefully by the end of the season we’ll know a little more about soccer that’s within driving distance.

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