Next project: poems for Lance

Dear Lance,

It’s been a good minute since I’ve written. I kind of explained why when I saw you at UK hospital a couple weeks ago, but sometimes I feel like the worst side effect of my drug regimen isn’t the nausea, lack of appetite or crankiness, but the blinders it puts on my creativity. While it’s a blessing to be able to focus on simple tasks and have control over my impulsivity, it’s much more difficult to think outside the box.  All the same knowledge is there, but it’s like the difference between ballet and running.  I want to tell you how I feel about Libya and Yemen, but I’m having difficulty stringing my thoughts together with flow or voice. It’s more than just mildly frustrating.

Happily, adding structure should help. My new goal is to try different types of poetry to see if that will aid me. These four websites have different examples of the various structures available to me. I think I’ll attempt to write them alphabetically by type.

Wish me luck,

yours, etc.

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