MCFC in the FA Cup Final

“My” team is going to a cup final. I’m not sure how excited I should be. It isn’t USA or Brazil in the World Cup, it sure wasn’t Notre Dame for the March Madness Cup (go with it…), and it sadly won’t be the Red Wings fighting for Lord Stanley’s cup. It’s the team that I only started following last summer, and for that reason I’m not sure I deserve to celebrate.

Before the EPL season started, I was drawn to Manchester City because they had Robinho. He was off the team before I even had a chance to buy his jersey. I figured once he was gone I’d go back to mildly supporting Everton; I like Tim Howard, they have a couple of Irishmen and their beer sponsor isn’t horrible. But then I started cheering for Man City. They were quick, albiet not as graceful as Arsenal or tough as Man U. Carlos Tevez, who I initially loathed on principle, is fascinating to watch when he’s in top form. I’m pretty sure their 9/25 win over Chelsea sealed my fate as a fan. It also didn’t hurt that I really like their kits.

So here I am, a new supporter to a band-wagon-able team. I bought a jersey and a scarf. Now what do I do?

Turns out, there’s an app for that. I mean, there’s a website for that: Bluffer’s Guide to Manchester City. I already knew most of the trivia, but I still think it’s notable. The team has basically acknowledged that they are so awesome as to attract new fans, and instead of pooh-poohing our newfound support, they are welcoming us with open arms.

via Pitch Invasion
Photo by Johnny Vulkan/

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