St. Totteringham’s day

The EPL season is winding down with little to celebrate. The same two teams are on top of the table, regardless of their uninspiring play. The middle of the table is secure; Liverpool climbed out of the basement so long ago that it’s difficult to remember that they were ever facing relegation. Plus, I can’t get too worked up for any of the the teams fighting to avoid the drop. I guess I wouldn’t mind if Blackpool hung around, but unless a back-room deal between them and the Red Devil Scum is formed, I’d say the Tangerines are as good as gone.

Manchester City is still in the FA Cup, which I attribute to my recently purchased Adam Johnson jersey. Their Premier League play, however… It’s as if they didn’t want it enough. They played decently against lesser teams, but when they faced the “big boys,” any offensive attack was abandoned. Hopefully this weekends FA Final will give me a reason to celebrate.

Which brings me to Arsenal.

Arsenal had a decent season with a couple exciting victories (12/17 v Chelsea comes to mind), but with those were some of mind-boggling losses and draws (2/5 v Newcastle: wow).  They will finish third in the league for the second year running, plus they didn’t bring home any silverware. Years like these there is only one thing left for the Gunners to celebrate: St. Totteringham’s Day.

St. Totteringham’s Day, also referred to as St. Totteridge’s Day falls on whatever day the Arsenal secure enough points to mathematically finish ahead of arch-rival Tottenham Hotspur. This year the Gunners celebrated it on May 7th when Tottenham drew 1-1 with Blackpool, but the bliss of St. Totteringham’s Day really lasts until the first derby between Spurs and Arsenal next season.

Graphic is based on St. Alban. He was one of the first British Christian martyrs and is a patron saint of torture victims, which seems appropriate for Arsenal supporters. He was decapitated.

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