30 Things to do before turning 30

i’m writing a list to avoid writing a cover letter. The World Cup qualifying games remind me that I will be turning 30 during the final tournament next summer. While there are a bunch of things I’d hoped accomplish by my fourth decade, here is a list of what I think I can actually get around to in the next ten months:

  1. Volunteer ✔
  2. Run a half marathon
  3. Learn to cook one new meal ✔
  4. Brush up my Spanish
  5. Finish my novel
  6. Visit my new niece (coming this October!) ✔
  7. See a game in Detroit
  8. Plant a garden ✔
  9. Discover new local places ✔
  10. Sing the National Anthem at a sportsball game
  11. Bike the Legacy Trail
  12. See the US Men’s National Team play ✔
  13. Get a motorcycle permit
  14. Change my own car’s oil
  15. Learn a couple salsa moves
  16. Eat four new foods ✔
  17. Sell 50 books
  18. Paint all the empty canvases in my house
  19. Finish knitting a baby blanket ✔✔✔
  20. Winterize the house before it snows
  21. Not drink alcohol ✔
  22. Drink water nearly every day
  23. Avoid the Internet one day a month
  24. Convince housemate to get rid of his car ✔
  25. Pay every bill on time
  26. Not get bronchitis ✔
  27. Not purchase any hammocks
  28. Make ginger ale ✔
  29. Take photos with a camera ✔
  30. Read 10 new books ✔

Update: Total failures on some, huh? I only bought two new hammocks, though. Let’s see how I do in my thirties.

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