Scalzi: Still a Legit Writer

Lock In9780765375865
by John Scalzi
Published by Tor
August 26, 2014

I was worried it would be difficult to objectively review a book by an author I admire beyond his fiction writing, but as soon as I opened John Scalzi’s Lock In, worries gave way to fascinated enjoyment. I knew I was in for a good time when I slowed my usual mile-a-minute reading pace so that I could absorb the humor and details.

We are introduced to a near-future world through the eyes Chris Shane, or rather the vision sensors of a”threep”, Shane’s robotic body used in the real world. Shane is a spanking-new FBI agent and medically locked-in victim of a disease that swept the world a couple decades before. Partnered with a rough-around-the-edges agent Leslie Vann, Shane quickly discovers that casework can hit close to home.

Scalzi does a great job delicately world-building (world-tweaking?) around a gritty and suspenseful mystery. Lock In will surely appeal to both SciFi and thriller readers, or anyone looking for a fast-paced story.

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