‘Touch’ surprisingly touching, thrill-a-minute read

TouchCover not available
by Claire North
Published by Redhook
Pub Date: February 24, 2015

Die a violent death and maybe you’ll become a strange immortal entity, able to take any body as your own, any life becomes your playground. Want to be a prince? A movie star? Simply get within touching distance and you are. Be admired by many, adored by millions, or just choose a family and be deeply loved by a few. Of course, it isn’t you they love or admire, but the body you stole.

Of course, the existence of these “ghosts” doesn’t go unnoticed. There are always groups that seek to destroy a species that can wear a man like a coat, but until now they had never been successful…

There were some passages in ‘Touch’ that left me gasping for air as I followed the narrator through his/her/his/his/her escape in the most fascinating cat-and-mouse chases I’ve ever read. Characters had multiple dimensions, deepened by the fluid gender of the “ghosts” as they flitted from body to body.

I was surprised at the deeper questions wrapped in the beautiful storytelling and thrilling action. No matter who we are, or rather what we are, we all must consider what it means to be loved, and what we would attempt to achieve it.

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