Increase, Decrease

Increase, DecreaseIncrease, Decrease
By Judith Durant
Storey Publishing
June 02, 2015

It’s difficult to find an instructional book for a knitter who is just beyond a beginner but well short of advanced, so I was delighted to find Increase, Decrease to be the perfect book for understanding the mechanics of knitting! The simple instructions, step-by-step photos and just overall thoughtfulness of this guide has opened my eyes to projects I never would have attempted. Now I feel I understand the secret language of patterns, and why one technique would be used in preference to  another.

This is an ideal book for knitters (like me) who need to understand the details before they can grasp the bigger picture. If you’ve ever looked at a pattern and said “But WHY?”, then Increase, Decrease is the instructional tome you’ve been waiting for.

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One Response to Increase, Decrease

  1. jenyjenny says:

    I love Judith Durant. I will definitely look for Increase, Decrease, thanks for the post! I love the One-Skein Wonder books and other things she’s done, esp the one I’m currently working my way through (and loving it!)

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