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Stephen Fry is lovely

I truly enjoy this argument about the beauty of language. It’s a living art, loves.

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My sister doesn’t know it, but she’s my best friend. What’s even crazier? I didn’t know it either. In 2003, I was in a creative writing class. Reading through the onslaught of horrible poetry (oh noetry!) and short stories, I’m … Continue reading

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Celebrating Universal Music Day

In celebration of Universal Music Day 2010, here is an ad Puma produced for Valentine’s Day last year. Remember, it isn’t about how well it’s sung. What matters is that it comes from the heart.

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Fan chants

One of the awesome things that a fan base can do is have team chants.  These can be found in many forms: team songs (Blue Moon for Manchester City), a key players names (ASH-ley, ASH-ley, ASH-ley for Ashley Cole), etc. … Continue reading

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