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A Serious Problem (when it’s dry)

I have a confession. When it comes to umbrellas, I have a problem. I love umbrellas. I buy them all the time (usually at Target). I think they are lovely, elegant and useful. So every time I see a unique … Continue reading

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Lens Pet … not weird at all.

For the photographer who has everything (including a sense of humor): an owl for his camera.  It’s a lens pet ($17). This shop has forty different animals that can decorate your lens.  Use it as a disguise or a distraction, … Continue reading

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Know what’s cool?

newsmap is cool. It’s a visualization of Google News, organized by category, popularity and time. ¬†Scroll over a story to see a quick blurb, click on it to read the whole article in a new tab. You can customize your … Continue reading

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Mortar and Pestle and Mustard.

I’ve been trying my hand at making mustard and am reallystruggling with getting the mustard seeds to grind using my roommate’s immersion blender (even when using the nifty “food processor” attachment). What I really need is a decent mortar and … Continue reading

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Just saw "Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole"

… and now I want a Night Owl Sleeping Mask ($9) to wear around. These super-cute sleeping masks come in six different colors and allow you to sleep with the lights on. They might even protect you from getting Moon Blinked!

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The last socks you’ll ever want to buy.

Stroke Socks.  These are amazing socks.  Socks you actually ask for at Christmas time.  Socks that make your “business casual” more like “business awesome.”  These striped socks are durable as heck and rarely get you chastised when you are breaking … Continue reading

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