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Fantasy football: where new fans are born

Do you like the idea of professional soccer in the US but just can’t seem to commit to it? Here is your chance: create a fantasy team on ESPN for the quickly approaching 2011 season. It’s a great excuse to follow the … Continue reading

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Oh, how the mighty have fallen. A mere seven weeks into the 2010-2011 Barclays Premier League season and the footballing world has turned on its head. Liverpool and Everton, eternal residents of topflight football, are lingering in and about the … Continue reading

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Game Day! Woo!

This is a big day.  My favorite team plays a team I seriously dislike. Unfortunately, this is where the Ails come in for “Football and Ail.”  I’m a Notre Dame fan and today we play the Golden Eagles of Boston … Continue reading

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Giving Bill Simmons his due

Though I consider him crazy for trying to pick a Premier team on research and suggestions alone, I will give Bill Simmons some credit; he’s figured out a way to become interested in a sport without the years of background, … Continue reading

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Great teaser website for Poison Diaries

Here is a beautiful website promoting the new Harper Teen novel Poison Diaries, which goes on sale today. Screenshot:  

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The Host: A Novel

The Host: A NovelBy Stephanie MeyerPublished by Little, Brown and CompanyMay 2008 I began this post in November 2008, after finishing The Host for the second time. Something in it reflected whatever pain I was living through right then enough … Continue reading

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Walter Moers

As a follow up to City of Dreaming Books, I read Moers other books based on the fantasy continent of Zamonia: Rumo and The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear. Both excellent books but they don’t hold a candle to … Continue reading

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City of Dreaming Books

The City of Dreaming Booksby Walter MoersPublished by Overlook PressSeptember 2007(hits paperback in August) The City of Dreaming Books is my pick for “Best All-around Book of 2007.” My usual description of it reads like something from William Goldman’s The … Continue reading

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