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Scary Swimming Drill

I’ve been trying to swim more recently, if only to prevent drowning the next time I’m near an ocean. One of the most difficult parts of swimming is running out of air, so I’ve been doing the sidekick drill to … Continue reading

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Thursday fun link: Draw to Run

Hooray for creative bloggers! This runner/blogger/illustrator loves her Vibram Five Fingers, which only makes me want them more: Drawn to Run Used without permission, but with jealousy. 

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So Many Bikes, So Little Time

There aren’t many bikes that I don’t want, but every now and then a bike comes along that just sticks in the back of my head longer than others. I don’t claim to be a cyclist by any means, but … Continue reading

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Coffee: it can do more than just wake you up

I worked in a coffee shop for three years and during that time I grew to appreciate coffee in all it’s forms: hot, cold, black, frapped, three shots, watered-down and even decaffeinated (Swiss water process only!). So it should come as no … Continue reading

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